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Hello! I'm the Gyula Németh (GYN), the founder of


I have been working on the weird and quirky world of HTML emails since 2013, when I co-founded a company that focusing on email design related products.

All of these products core strength is that you can create pixel-perfect designs, and the emails created will look good in every email client.

As a CTO, while I have led the creation of three SaaS products, with a primary focus on emails, I observed many issues that still needed to be resolved. That's why I decided to build, that is focusing on SaaS companies' email issues.

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50% off, so you get a 1-year paid version for $50.

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But for now, please, read about my previous products below.

The first email editor plugin on the market, that you could integrate into your own SaaS. Our email HTML has been the best quality on the market. And it is, even today.

This app is focusing on marketing teams, takinkg emails seriously. The prime feature I'm most proud of is the real-time collaborative email editor.

Focusing on the biggest digital publishers on the world. Makes it very, very easy to manage even hundreds of brands, and even thousands of different newsletters.