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Why SaaS companies should use

Wait a second... What is

It's a platform that makes it effortless for SaaS companies to send and track beautiful marketing, and transactional emails.

A good impression is invaluable. We believe, that email communication should be consistent with your brand, and it should be an integral part of your product.

If your email does not look, or even worse, it does not reach your customers' inbox, that demolishes the good impression that you built up with a lot of hard work.

Typical SaaS email problems (and you might have all of these.):

  1. Inconsistent design. Transactional, and marketing emails look totally different.
  2. Lot of rendering issues. Emails fall apart on different clients, especially on Outlook.
  3. Emails don't reach the inbox. And oftentimes you don't understand why.

Beautiful emails in a single place

Let's make sure that your transactional and marketing emails always look alike, and they are beautiful. Design systems in make this sure. You can create pixel-perfect design, that is applied to your whole email communication.

No more email-rendereing issues

The email HTML we provide to you is battle-hardened. Our founder's 10-year experience on the field makes it sure that your emails will render properly on mobile, web, and desktop, even on Outlook.

Reach the inbox, avoid spam

AWS SES has a famously good deliverability, and its price is unbeatable. They have very strict processes to filter out spammer. For example, if your bounce rate slightly goes up, you have to fix that in a certain amount of time.

That's why we decided that our customers have to hook up their own AWS SES with our system.

Don't worry, if you don't have experience with AWS. We can help you!


If you are thinking about sending spammy email, this platform is not for you. If you happen to spam people, AWS will simply revoke your access to SES.

Simple and fair pricing

Most of the providers charge you for the number of contacts you have in combination with the number of emails you send. This cryptic pricing always end up to be more than you think.

$100 for a year. Simple as that.

(Plus AWS charges $0.1 / 1000 emails for SES usage.)

Free version

You can also use for free, if we can put our logo and a link to our website in your emails.

Keep in mind, that AWS offers a free tier for 12 months, including 3000 email sends per month.

The two combined should be enough to kick off your project!

Pre-order (Coming soon...)

50% off, so you get a 1-year paid version for $50.

Join our waitlist to be notified when the preorder starts.